Peter Marcasciano

specialist in physiotherapy and strength and conditioning.

Peter has been a specialist in physiotherapy and strength and conditioning for nearly 30 years, overseeing the wellbeing of number of athletes and high-profile clients. He specializes in sports-specific rehabilitation, bio-mechanics, stretching, strength, and power generation, fat loss, and nutritional strategies for optimum well-being and performance.

Peter has been a regular guest speaker for the country’s top training providers for over 20 years designing and delivering training courses for aspiring personal trainers and sports therapists, many of whom now hold key positions in the health/sports/fitness industry.

His list of clients ranges from world champions to celebrities, as well as delivering bespoke training packages to teams, athletes, and blue chip companies. His unique, holistic methods of training and nutrition are keenly sought, particularly when traditional methods of dealing with difficult or perplexing health and fitness issues have failed.

Peter Marcasciano

Whether they are an elite athlete, post operative patient, or business professional; my aim is to treat each person as a puzzle to solve. Depending on their goals and current state of health and fitness; identifying the key issues at hand is vital to the success of the client’s goals.

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