Strength and conditioning

Strength and conditioning (S&C) from being a fringe activity is now an accepted norm in the world of professional sport.

We have been delivering strength and conditioning modalities for over 20 years. Back in the early nineties it was frowned upon in the UK and the use of weight training in particular was believed to decrease the athletic ability of most athletes.

Pioneering the use of strength, power, and speed training in this country was not easy but the results gradually bore out the effectiveness of these modalities.

However, these techniques are only as effective as the people that apply them.

It takes experience as well as knowledge to obtain results.

Over the years these same techniques that have been used so successfully with professional athletes has found their way into the training of actors, singers, dancers, and the average trainer in the gym.

Bio-mechanics plays a key role when dealing with strength and conditioning, this is because the forces developed can be excessive, and an undue load on an unprepared joint is always detrimental. Again, it comes down to knowledge and experience.

When it comes to sports specific strength and conditioning, many variables such as nutrition, fatigue, availability of time for S&C, competition schedule, periodization, and the coach’s expectations, all have to be considered.

We have vast experience with world class and Olympic athletes, which enables us to understand and work at the highest levels of athletic preparation.