We are all aware of how important a balanced nutritional plan is when considering our health and fitness goals.

Never before has there been so much information available to use via books, videos, the media, and the internet. It’s no surprise that many people become confused when confronted with conflicting advice and complicated diet regimes that very often prove difficult to implement into your daily life.

Although it can be a complex issue at times, the important thing is that our nutritional requirements will vary to some extent from person to person. What works for one person could be detrimental to another, especially if there are underlying medical conditions regarding the digestive system.

This is why we firmly believe that everyone should at some point take the opportunity to sit down and go through an in depth analysis of their nutritional habits and health goals.

Clients have found this to be incredibly empowering, and sometimes overwhelming, especially when they have tried many different approaches in the past without success.

Our nutrition package provides you with:

  • An analysis of your current nutritional intake
  • A 45 minute consultation
  • A 4 week nutrition plan
  • A Supplementation strategy


Our experience has shown us that this package is extremely effective in educating and encouraging people to make the changes they need to without feeling deprived, or lacking in energy.

More importantly, it initiates a positive relationship with the food you eat, and provides you with the tools you need to meet your health and fitness objectives.