This is an important component to our whole concept of training. We believe that communicating effectively is key to the successful outcome of the whole training process.

Whether it be for an elite athlete, or person wishing to improve their health and fitness status, our ability to understand your needs and current situation is what makes our approach truly effective.

We will take into account your training history, medical history, psychological state, and current level of fitness, when informing you of the plan that will be drawn up for your specific needs.

As well as this, you will be asked to fill out a brief nutrition diary that will help us to understand your daily nutritional habits and enable us to amend your dietary sources in order to give you the raw materials necessary for physical improvement.

 Often it is possible to then progress immediately onto the physical evaluation, which usually takes the form of a bio-mechanical evaluation. This enables us to assess your current abilities and cart out the physical modalities that will be incorporated into your program.

(Whenever there are time constraints, the physical assessment would take place at the beginning of the first session).