Combined, Ruben and Peter have over 50 years experience in the field of elite sport and performance. Their approach is truly unique but is now being acknowledged by many as the most effective method to achieve high performance in today’s demanding sporting world.

The approach is a holistic one. Training an athlete is much more than finding talent and then training them. So many facets must be dealt with in order to achieve the results necessary to be a champion.

These facets are also common with professionals from many other careers.

Indeed; dancers, actors, singers, and business people alike have utilized the techniques and strategies common to elite sport in order to outperform their rivals and achieve a “winning edge.”

Sports Psychology for example is one area that many people are

becoming more interested in, as it’s implementation has in some cases produced amazing results.

During a seminar, Ruben and Peter will share the strategies and techniques that champions use to perform at their best, such as:

  • Peaking – Performing well at a predetermined time
  • Recovery – Key techniques that allow the body to do more over time
  • Nutrition – How certain nutrients enhance your abilities to make the right choices
  • Mental strength – Is it innate? Or can it be developed?
  • Fitness – How can physical fitness be an advantage in areas other than sport
  • Motivation – It’s not as simple as being positive!
  • Planning – Outside of training, competing, or business, you have a life. How do you fit it all in?

There are many other strategies that can be discussed depending on time and facilities.

The seminars can be tailored to an individual slot or for a whole day or weekend.

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